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Best Cheap Auto Insurance in Miami 33186

Want cheaper auto insurance in Miami without sacrificing coverage and service? Auto Insurance Center is here to provide you with the best cheap auto insurance rates and quality service all while helping you learn more about your city.

Miami is one of the nation’s most popular vacation spots. From the diverse culture, to South Beach and the hip nightlife, Miami is a city with many entertainment options.

Early settlers of Miami were the Tequesta Native American tribes. In 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon was the first European visitor. Later, the Spanish established a mission within the area.

It wasn’t until 1842 when Miami was settled, due to multiple wars with the Seminole tribes and the U.S. government. William English charted the “Village of Miami” and the city was incorporated in 1896. With the railroad and building of large sea ports in the late 1800s came an influx of people.

Today Miami, in addition to being a vacation hotspot, is known for commerce, finance, media and international trade. Miami has the largest concentration of international banks in the United States.

Miami attractions include: Wynwood Arts District, Little Havana, The Design District, Coconut Grove and Coral Gables. Miami cuisine includes Caribbean, American and Latin America influences, nicknamed “Floribbean” cuisine. Cuban food also is very popular in Miami thanks to the influx of Cuban immigrants during the 1960s. In addition, Miami is also known for its seafood.

Miami has professional sports teams from all four major sports organizations, including: Dolphins (NFL), Marlins (MLB), Heat (NBA) and Panthers (NHL). The Heat have had the most success, winning three NBA finals, while the Dolphins have won two Super Bowls and the Marlins have won two World Series titles. Of the four teams, only the Marlins and Heat play within the city limits of Miami.

Miami Driving Conditions

The Miami climate is classified as a tropical monsoon climate. Located close to the tip of the Florida peninsula, Miami is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. Miami has an average rainfall of 61.9 inches during the last 30 years. In comparison, that’s 58 percent more than the national average. The wet season is May through October, with high humidity. Heavy rain can cause slick roads and flooding in the area.

Areas of high traffic in Miami are found on Interstate 95 and the Florida Turnpike.

Crime Statistics

According to the 2015 Crime in the United States report, Florida had 570,270 accounts of property crime and 40,661 accounts of vehicle theft. Within cities and metropolitan areas in Florida, vehicle theft was reported 39,806 times.

Florida Driver’s Licence

As a legal resident of Florida, you’ll need to obtain a Florida driver’s licence. Those with a valid out-of-state driver’s licence or a Canadian operator’s license with a clean record are not required to take a knowledge or skills exam. If you have citations on your driving record, you may be required to take a written test. You will also be required to take a vision test.

Seat Belt Laws

In Florida, front seat passengers must wear seat belts. All passengers under 18 years old must wear a seat belt. Seat belt violations range from $30 to $60. Children 5 and under must be secured by a federally approved child safety seat or booster. At age 6, children are allowed to wear seat belts with a booster seat if they are at least 4 feet and 9 inches tall.

In Miami city limits, drivers and passengers must be wearing seatbelts.

Cell Phone & Texting Laws

Florida has no statewide law banning the use of cell phones in vehicles. However, drivers can be ticketed and fined for distracted driving, causing an accident or disobeying road rules.

In 2013, Florida legislature passed a law prohibiting texting while driving.

Unique Law

As a driver in Miami, be sure to invest in uninsured motorist coverage with your insurance, as many Miami drivers drive without insurance.

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You would be surprised how much insurance rates can vary zip code to zip code even if the zip codes are within the same metropolitan area. This can be for various reasons including higher or lower crime rates in a specific zip code area, accident statistics in that zip code, traffic density in different parts of the city, and even different weather conditions depending on what part of the metro area you are in. This can become even more interesting if you live on the border of a different zip code yet your are paying more for insurance than you would if you lived right across the street. While some people will use this to their advantage and give their insurance company a different address than their actual address to save some money it is not advisable as this may be seen as a form of fraud. 

To find out what your auto insurance rates will be for you zip code either fill out the quick quote form above or call one or more of the local agents below. It is best to call more than one to get them to compete for your business so that you can get the cheapest rates possible. Many people would rather avoid this effort because its more work but its one of the best ways to get cheap auto insurance quotes.

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  • I’ve had a couple of policies with this agency for years now, and I’ve never had a bad experience with any of the representatives. In fact, I had an accident today, right before they were closing for Christmas, and they took care of everything very quickly so that I would not have to wait until Monday. No complaints here. I think they do their job well and I, for one, like them a lot. We’ve always been able to count on them to handle the details when there has been an emergency. They really went the extra mile today and I decided to leave them a good note here because I feel they deserve it.

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  • To Whom It May Concern Beware of this agency, they are not customer friendly except for the receptionist. Let me tell you what happened with the particular State Farm Agency. They did not know how to transfer my old car insurance to a new car that I ordered that was coming from out of state the personnel did not understand the concept of were an as to insure both vehicles so I could get my new vehicle shipped to me. I had to go in person to deal with situation after being insulted via e-mail. Once I went I was not received very friendly by the office manager, she had a chip on her shoulders and pretend to be doing me a favor, when I spend almost $8,000.00 of insurance there, I was bombarded with very technical language in regards to my insurance and request I made for new vehicle. When I claimed they were my insurance people and they need to advise me best, what I need. They became irate , so then I ask for a discount double check, the assistant look at computer for 30 seconds and said there nothing I can do to lower price. The office manager jumps out of her seat and state why don't you leave and come back when you can understand us, I could not believe she actually ask her customer to leave when I was trying to spend more money at State Farm. At this point I began to leave when the main agent possibly the owner stops me and ask to go to his office to resolve my issue, I agreed immediately. When I tried to explain what happen, he did not let me finish, he also threw me out with-out consideration of what I had to say. I thought does days in America were over this place has no regards for there customer, I advise to go somewhere else for State Farm Insurance. I have been with them almost 30 years and State Farm as a company gives good service. It's this particular agency that does not know how to treat a paying customer.