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Best Cheap Auto Insurance in Sarasota 34232

You would be surprised how much insurance rates can vary zip code to zip code even if the zip codes are within the same metropolitan area. This can be for various reasons including higher or lower crime rates in a specific zip code area, accident statistics in that zip code, traffic density in different parts of the city, and even different weather conditions depending on what part of the metro area you are in. This can become even more interesting if you live on the border of a different zip code yet your are paying more for insurance than you would if you lived right across the street. While some people will use this to their advantage and give their insurance company a different address than their actual address to save some money it is not advisable as this may be seen as a form of fraud. 

To find out what your auto insurance rates will be for you zip code either fill out the quick quote form above or call one or more of the local agents below. It is best to call more than one to get them to compete for your business so that you can get the cheapest rates possible. Many people would rather avoid this effort because its more work but its one of the best ways to get cheap auto insurance quotes.

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  • Smith Insurance Group VERY POOR SERVICE I was notified by my Home Owners Insurance carrier that I needed to replace my roof or my insurance would be cancelled. I received this notice about 8 months before my renewal. I went ahead and had my roof replaced with a metal roof, secondary water barrier and fortified to today’s code. Still with plenty of time for the renewal, I provided all of the necessary information to the agent (Alexis Smith)regarding the completed roofing project. Her last email to me was "I will get this sent to the company and we will see what it saves you. Let's give it a few weeks and then we can follow-up, but you will be getting a new declaration page in the mail as well." I was waiting for this declaration page to come in the mail and never received it. When I followed up with Alexis, I find out that I had been dropped by the carrier. I was NOT even notified of this by Smith Ins Group. It was my follow-up that spurred them to look into it. Meanwhile, I was without insurance for the month of Sept - Hurricane Season in Florida!! I was first surprised at their response, which was blaming the carrier (St Johns) and I let them know that was not my concern - Smith is my agent and they should be on top of this, especially communicating back to me. She then dusted that over by quickly getting me into another company who offered me a good rate, but appeared to be a bait and switch because the long and short of it - I was now paying about $1,000 MORE after replacing my old roof... Lastly, I went back to Alexis (to offer a chance for retribution) and find out why the amount was so much higher now, as this was nowhere close to the quotes she provided originally and she said they were the best she could do. I let her know this was unacceptable, especially since the reason (I felt) the insurance was so much higher was because I had a lapse in coverage. She again refused to take responsibility and even stated "they are not babysitters"... I would highly recommend anyone looking for a Home Owners Insurance Agency to NOT use Smith Insurance Group unless you are looking for problems and poor service. Not only are they not "babysitters" - but they don’t do their jobs!

  • Warren has been my agent for years now and I have been really happy with the level of service he and his staff have given over the years. Countless times over the years we've had to call the agency for help on the road due to various accidents or questions. The staff is very proactive too; if they need some documentation from you to lower the premiums they make that phone call and email to get it. When my daughter started to drive I was scared beyond belief that adding her to the policies would be astronomical...I was pleasantly and thankfully surprised I didn't have to sell my kidney. State Farm themselves are very competitive in their rates. I have had no reason to switch since 1993. We currently have six cars, life insurance, and home mortgage with them. I didn't know State Farm did mortgages, but now I do, and got a great rate and saved $300 a month...which now goes to kid's college tuition. Warren is a classic car buff too, so we get to talk classic cars any time I stop by. Did you know that State Farm insurance insures classic cars? Yep, neither did I, and again the rates are really affordable. Unlike the other big name in classic car insurance you are allowed to ACTUALLY drive the car.

  • Dont use this group or State Farm. they will issue you a policy. then cancel to move you into another class of insurance if they don't like your credit score. Its claimed that a lower credit score means you will be a higher risk. So you rid your underwater home in the great recession and now your a high risk car insurance client. Time to reintroduce bill in state of Florida to rid this unethical business. Last bill in 2011 stalled, lets get the bill re-added. Most dont even know State Farm does a credit check on you and are not required to notify.