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Best Cheap Auto Insurance in Denver 80228

Do you want cheaper auto insurance in Denver? Auto Insurance Center is here to provide you with the best cheap auto insurance rates and help you learn more about your city.

Denver has the highest elevation of all major U.S. cities and is appropriately nicknamed, “The Mile High City.” Denver also is known for its diverse neighborhoods and surrounding Rocky Mountain ranges.

Denver was first settled in 1858 when a group of prospectors from Georgia came into the Colorado territory where they found gold. By the end of the year, the area became a gold mining town. The population in the area grew quickly thanks to the Pikes Peak Gold Rush.

The town was named Denver City, named after Kansas Territorial governor James Denver. Denver was incorporated as a city in 1861.

Denver suffered from a devastating fire in 1863 that burned most of the business district. Denver did not benefit from the Union Pacific Railroad, but the Kansas Pacific Railroad helped boost the struggling city’s economy when they connected Denver to Western and Midwestern cities.

After World War II, Denver became home to research and development of fuel sources in Colorado, allowing regional and national oil and gas companies to move their headquarters to Denver. Today Denver’s major industries include aerospace, telecommunications and technology.

Denver attractions include: Denver Art Museum, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver Botanic Gardens, Union Station, Denver Zoo, Mount Evans Scenic Byway, Larimer Square and 16th Street Mall.

Denver is one of 13 U.S. cities to have a professional sports team from all four major sports organizations. These include the Broncos (NFL), Rockies (MLB), Nuggets (NBA) and Avalanche (NHL). Among the teams, the Broncos have won the most recent championship, the 2015 Super Bowl and have sold out every home game since 1970.

Denver Driving Conditions

The Denver climate is defined as semi-arid, continental climate. The annual high temperature is 64 degrees and the annual low temperature is 36.3 degrees. Summer months are both mild and hot, while winters are windy, snowy and cold, with occasional milder weather. Severe thunderstorms occur during the spring and summer months. Because of its high elevation, Denver experiences daily temperature variation throughout the year.

The Denver area includes mountainous terrain. During rain or snow storms, low visibility can occur and drivers should take precautions.

Crime Statistics

According to the 2015 Crime in the United States report, Colorado had 144,136 accounts of property crime and 16,000 accounts of vehicle theft. Within cities and metropolitan areas in Colorado, vehicle theft was reported 15,355 times.

Colorado Driver’s Licence

As a legal resident of Colorado, you’ll need to obtain a Colorado driver’s licence. Those with a valid out-of-state driver’s licence are not required to take a knowledge or skills exam.

When you visit the DMV, bring your valid out-of-state driver license, proof of U.S. residency (birth certificate, passport, etc.), proof of your Social Security number, two forms of proof of Colorado residency and pay the application fee.

Seat Belt Laws

Colorado law requires drivers and front seat passengers to buckle up. This is a secondary offense, meaning a driver must be stopped for another offense before receiving a ticket for a seat belt violation. The minimum fine is $65.

Colorado’s child passenger safety law says that children ages 1 to 4 years old who weigh 20-40 pounds be restrained in a forward-facing or rear-facing child safety seat. Children who are 4 years or older and weigh more than 40 pounds must be properly restrained in a child booster seat. Children must ride in a booster seat until age 8.

This law is a primary enforcement action, meaning drivers can be pulled over and ticketed for violating the child passenger safety law.

Cell Phone & Texting Laws

In 2009, Colorado created a new law where drivers under age 18 cannot use a cell phone while driving.

Driving while texting is against the law in Colorado. Fines range from $50-$300.

Odd Law

In Colorado, it is illegal to ride a horse while under the influence.

You would be surprised how much insurance rates can vary zip code to zip code even if the zip codes are within the same metropolitan area. This can be for various reasons including higher or lower crime rates in a specific zip code area, accident statistics in that zip code, traffic density in different parts of the city, and even different weather conditions depending on what part of the metro area you are in. This can become even more interesting if you live on the border of a different zip code yet your are paying more for insurance than you would if you lived right across the street. While some people will use this to their advantage and give their insurance company a different address than their actual address to save some money it is not advisable as this may be seen as a form of fraud. 

To find out what your auto insurance rates will be for you zip code either fill out the quick quote form above or call one or more of the local agents below. It is best to call more than one to get them to compete for your business so that you can get the cheapest rates possible. Many people would rather avoid this effort because its more work but its one of the best ways to get cheap auto insurance quotes.

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